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Sharing secrets with a single user would be nice to have. Right now the only way to do it (that i know of) is to create a collection just for that user, which is suboptimal because it pollutes the collection list.

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BTW, being forced to make yet another account on a forum I’m not familiar with and resubmit an issue I already submitted because of an internal tool reorganization is uber annoying.

Sharing between people in an organisation

Yes, I think this would be a great feature.

I would like to illustrate @bfabio request with a use cases:

In my organisation we have to rely on another encrypted medium in order to share secrets between users. Because collection-based secret sharing is always for very low-risk secrets & for non-individual account. Which is rather rare actually.
What’s happen very often on the contrary, is someone, creating a secret for someone else. Either to transfer a secret (and leave it) or to share a secret.


  • Transfert a secret: Creating an account for someone else (eg. aws identity), setting up the login card with all the expected informations along with the secret, then send it to someone else, giving him ownership on the secret.
  • Share a secret: all employee maintain their identity card, with some confidential informations in it, and share the card with the human resources manager.


Aggree - espeacially for big organization that would be important to have, because the admin will not be able to manage collections and group settings for all departments.


I just found this because of another post I made.

I would +1 this as well.

Sharing should really be a feature for the personal premium accounts, not just “organizations.” Ideally, I would like to be able to share with 1 or many different users. At any time, I should be able to unshare with 1 or more users that I’ve shared an item with.

As someone who is just starting the evaluation of a PW manager for my wife and I, I find the way the bitwarden does it confusing. This is then compounded by the pricing of what is technically two different products (personal and organizations).


Just found out about BW and considering moving over from LastPass. Also found this thread when searching for how to share things with a single individual. Often we share passwords with one team member for whatever reason so seems a bit limiting to not be able to do that and a single collection for each team member seems overkill.


I migrated from Last Pass and this option a long time ago by the team, now creating a collection for each one is very bad, only point until then negative



This would be a very usesul feature, because the only alternative is to create a new collection for every pair of users that want to share items between them. Creating one collection by user is not enough, otherwise any user in that colllection can see all password for that user.
This feature is a must have !
Thank you