Share passwords from mobile app



Continuing the discussion from Manage collection associations from more than just the web vault:

Any idea when we can expect this feature on the mobile apps?


Yes, I’m wondering too. If it’s being worked on, perhaps there’s a ticket somewhere…

Edit: there was a ticket on GitHub, but it was closed because feature requests are now tracked here. Someone created a ticket for this here, and it’s the one entered above. However that ticket was closed without support for mobile being implemented, because someone named it “support for more than just web”, which apparently doesn’t mean mobile.

This is extremely frustrating, because i don’t think this issue is being tracked anymore!


I assumed this feature was here, but it’s still not? I was just looking at other feature requests that mentioned wanting a mobile app - those have been closed (since they were asking for it to work from plugins as well). But the not having the mobile app is a killer - coming from Lastpass, where you could share an item simply by changing the folder it was in (to a shared folder). I need to share items while on the run all the time, and I have users who ONLY use the mobile app - so this is close to a deal-breaker on Bitwarden. What’s the ETA on this?


This is in on iOS (I tried) and AFAIK on Android as well…


Thanks, good to know - it’s a newer version of the app which I didn’t have.

For those coming from Lastpass it’s in a good number of additional steps on iOS, and the menu name is different depending on if the item is already shared or not.

If NOT yet shared with anyone:
Select Folder > Select Login > Select Options (upper left …) > SHARE > pick collection(s) to share with

If already shared:
Select Folder > Select Login > Select Options (upper left …) > COLLECTIONS > pick collections(s) to share with

From an interface standpoint it would be helpful if the menu name was consistent (always ‘Collections’ regardless of current sharing status for example)