Share button does nothing

If I go to a site and hit the share button in Safari then hit Bitwarden, nothing happens. I guess I am doing something daft, or not doing something I should have done!
Newbie here!


What are you trying to do? I don’t think the share function in Safari would work with Bitwarden. Are you trying to set up a login entry in your vault?

I believe it is supposed to activate the BW autofill app extension, but I can’t seem to enable it or get it to work, either.

The share button is for Bitwarden Send, I believe.

The share option probably only works for files.

Hmmm - this may be an app issue. Would anyone care to post details to Issues · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub ?

Yep, I’m seeing this too. Must’ve started in the last few days or so.

BitWarden Version: 2.14.0 (1077)
iOS 14.8 on iPad Air 3

I tried removing and re-adding the all extension from the Share area, no luck. Button is there but doesn’t launch BitWarden.


Tagging this issue on the thread in case others experience it: iOS share sheet button not working · Issue #1624 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub