Share a collection with a second user

I am using successfully bitwarden since this morning.
Now I would like to share some identifiers with my wife. To do so I created an organization then a collection. I then added some identifiers to this collection.
I then send an invitation to my wife. She got the email, then she followed the link given in the email, logged in bitwarden. All this was successful. But when she clicked on the “collection” this was empty ! I understood that me (the sender of the invitation) had to confirm that she was accepted but I only see a “send back the invitation” or “remove” in my bitwarden. My wife is stucked with the status “invited” but never appeared as “accepted”. Any hint what could be wrong ?
I am using the free version but I understood it was possible to share with another person.

My own reply.
At the end I successfully shared a collection with a second user using laptops.
(linux debian & firefox & chromium)
With tablet & gsm it seems to work at random. Sometimes it works, Sometimes not. And I am never be prompted to use bitwarden. I have to go myself in bitwarden and then use the identifier selected. I am using a Sony and a Huawei tablet both on android 9.
Maybe I am too old for this stuff…