Several issues: no sync, no editing, no offer to remember sites

I am trying to ditch LastPass, but after a day or two with Bitwarden find it’s not doing what it “should:”

  1. It doesn’t sync automatically, which would be a nice feature, but it also doesn’t sync at all. It shows “syncing failed” at 12:43, then a minute later (when syncing also fails) says “last synced at 12:43.”

  2. I am trying to sync because it is only possible to edit or delete an item online – after editing or deleting an item in the extension and saving, absolutely nothing changes. And there’s not much point in editing or deleting online if you can’t sync.

  3. I’m not 100% sure on this, but it appears the extension also does not offer to remember sites when you first log in. It didn’t when I signed up for this forum.

MACOS 10.13.6; results reported consistent in Safari, Opera, and Brave browsers

I think I figured it out. I didn’t have the app installed. Apparently the app syncs with the Bitwarden site, and the extensions sync with the app.

Rather strange.

no… you dont need the desktop app

You are right.

Once I installed the desktop app, sync and editing started working. I have removed the desktop app, and they are still working. But they were absolutely not working when I posted. I even removed and reinstalled the extension.