Session Expires Immediately After Login on iOS

My phone and my wife’s both (iPhone 11 Pro Max). Try to sign in to bitwarden app, get a brief flash of the vault and then kicked out and told to login in again because session is expired. Log in again, flash of vault, then kicked out and told to login again, session expired. Over and over.

I rebooted phone, reinstalled app, and it worked once – then started kicking me again. Couldn’t make wife’s phone work with same steps.

Default installation, have changed nothing about my account or my app settings. Just randomly, today, it stopped working and started doing this crap.

Any solutions? I really don’t want to migrate everything to another app. It’s a real pain…but I need to be able to access my PWM when I need it, every time.


Same here I have sent an email to customer service, no reply yet

I’m having the same problem. I have two factor enabled on my bitwarden account. I put my user/pass in on the first page then when prompted for my 2FA code I switch apps on my phone to get the code from my authenticator app, then switch back to bitwarden and paste it in. I see bitwarden UI for a moment and then it goes back to the login page with an error at the bottom saying session expired.

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And I haven’t found a way to access through a browser. Desktop yes but neither Chrome, Safari or Firefox will allow my mobile device to access the desktop version.

We’re looking into it - thanks for reporting!


My Firefox browser plugin seems to be working fine. I’ve only replicated the problem on iOS (2 iPhones, same model). Tried my iPad Pro, which is running iPadOS, and everything works as expected.

EDIT TO CLARIFY: Firefox, latest version, on Windows 10, also latest version. I don’t have the desktop app installed, so I have no idea if it’s working or not. Also the site seems to be working; if I go there and log in, I can access my vault in the browser window.

If could be updated that would be great! The android issue from 16 days ago makes me wonder if I can trust the content on that page. Even an update saying that the android issue is ongoing if so would be helpful for others that don’t find this page.

Also, I couldn’t find this status page link anywhere on the main website. I only found it because someone else had linked to it on twitter.

Thanks for listening and replying here so quickly.

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From Luc at Bitwarden

It looks like one of the services we use had a small blip of downtime. Are you able to log into the mobile application alright at this time?

iOS is ok now

Yep, all my stuff is working again as well. Thanks for the updates guys. I’m really impressed with the quick solution.


Resolved for me as well

Status page updated. The android beta is still in the same status, thus no updates :frowning: