Service Unavailable on Premise Hosting

Hello all. I have installed BitWarden on premise (self hosted). The install went fine, and the certs are all in place, but when I try to reach the domain it is setup to use I get a “Service Unavailable” page. At first I thought it was a routing issue, but it seems to be routing to my BitWarden install just fine. I have looked around and I can’t find where the issue is. Searching the internet has yielded no solutions either.

Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, what did you do to rectify it? I have rebuilt the service, updated the databases and restarted the service, but to no avail. It is installed on a Ubuntu instance and the necessary ports are opened, so I don’t think it is an access problem. Is there something I am missing that is causing me to get the “Service Unavailable” issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.