Seperate timebased vault lock from event based lock

Feature name

Seperate timebased vault lock from event based lock

Feature function

Currently, the user has the option to lock their vault if a specific amount of time passes OR if an OS event (lock a screen lock) occurrs. I suggest seperating these two settings, so the user can, for example, set a default timeout of 10 minutes and also lock their vault once they lock their PC.


Upvoted. I’d like to auto-lock after 1 hr or on system lock.

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+1 This would definitely be a useful feature for increased security. Having the vault lock automatically after a preset time with no user intervention is a must for me, and having it also lock immediately upon locking the desktop would be useful in situations where I may need to briefly yet urgently step away from my workstation with only enough time to press Win+L but don’t necessarily need to go straight to a hard shutdown of the pc.

It would be nice to see at least the ‘On system lock’ value as a separate checkbox under the time dropdown as @1fexd said, if not making an independent ‘Lock vault immediately upon system lock’ option for more granularity.