Separate scrollable collections list from (collection) vault contents

When you have a list of collections over 30-40 (we have nearly 100 to manage separate customers), when scrolling down the collection list you are unable to see the vault contents without needing too scroll back up. If the Collections list was separately scrollable from the vault contents, or perhaps something similar to how you can freeze cells in Excel.

Following on from a request from 2018

@Dara Improve the collection view


It’s the same problem with too many top level folders. I have to pack them all into sub-folders to avoid this problem but this is not always ideal. I hope this gets implemented because it is a daily usability annoyance. It would also be nice to be able to change the order so Collections could show up first & then folders. Some sorting/drag & drop function could solve this.

@cerrius maybe edit the title so it says Web Vault since this is not a problem via the app as far as I can tell.