Separate Password for 2FA (Verification Codes/TOTP/Authenticator Keys)

Separate Password for 2FA

  • I really like the idea of keeping my passwords and my 2FA-Codes in one place (Bitwarden)
  • Sadly that kinda compromises the purpose of 2FA
  • Therefore I’d like to be able to set a separate Password, which I have to fill out before I can access a 2FA-Verification-Code

Feature function

  • Allow users to set up a separate and unique password for 2FA-Verification-Codes/TOTP
  • Bitwarden will ask the user for this password whenever the user tries to copy a 2FA-Code
  • This way Bitwarden can be used to store both the login-data aswell as the TOTP-data without compromising security too much

What do you guys think?

If this is that important, to me it looks like it’s better to use a separate solution for your 2FA codes?


Yep I do agree in a way - at least regarding the added security of 2FA.
I do just personally really like the idea of having everything in one place, which is my reason to suggest this kind of “midway solution” :slight_smile:

I do get your point though!