Send url requires login (fix incoming)


I created a send and copied the URL. When I attempt to open the URL in an incognito browser page, I’m required to login. I was under the impression that login isn’t required
What am I missing here?

Login should not be required at the receiver. I have opened a send on systems that don’t even have BW installed.
Maybe you could post an example send url that asks for a login so we can reproduce your issue.

I have just created a test send.
If I get the URL from the desktop app it works fine.
If I get the URL from the firefox browser extension it asks me to log in (which I think is wrong)

From Firefox browser extension

From desktop app

I think you just about summed it up for me. I used the Firefox extension to create the Send and I got the same type of URL you got, which behaves like you wrote.

Do you think there’s a workaround for generating the URLs via the FF extension? Or maybe this was by design?

No I think this is a bug. I tried on both Mac and Windows, always the FF extension misses the final part of the URL, chrome/safari worked correctly. Only workaround is use the desktopo app or a different browser.

Someone should report this hmmm :thinking:

Submitted it on Github - clients

This is actually an already reported bug at GitHub Client Issues #4888

But thanks for looking out :wink: hopefully the team can get a fix soon.

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