Send options bug in iPadOS split screen


just discovered a little bug when creating a Send using iPadOS 14.5 split screen. When you click on an option, like expiration date, the „rotary menu“ pops up but there is no way to confirm your selection. Normally there’s a bar on top with a „done“ button, this bar is missing in split screen, hence it is not possible to confirm any selection.

Is anyone seeing the done button in split screen?

strange indeed! I can’t say I’ve experienced this, but it would be good to reach out to our team here: https://bitwarden/com/contact and we can help troubleshoot - and if there is an issue, we can start tracking it.

Thanks, I contacted support.

I also wanted to say thanks for introducing Send to Bitwarden! Didn’t know it was in the pipeline and wished for a feature like this everytime I wanted to send someone more sensitive stuff like bank account number or passwords (long before Bitwarden). Incredibly useful!

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