Send login - select "Send" from a login entry to share a login with a third party

Adding yet another +1 for this, having a 1-click option to auto-populate a Send with information from a login would make it much easier to get my non-technical family members using the feature instead of sending passwords insecurely over email or text.

I find myself needing this one every week or so. Would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll be happy to know that item sharing is on our 2022 Roadmap.

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Cheer! I can appreciate how much work it will be.

When I need to send login credentials in a business capacity, it would be so handy to have a ‘share via send’ choice in the list of choices when viewing an item. Quite often, the people I am sending the information to are not even aware of password managers. This would be an excellent way to get them the information they want and at the same time, subtly advertise BitWarden to them. Most people don’t respond to any form of direct advertising anymore - especially those who are security conscious. If they can look at BitWarden on their own time and at their own pace when being the recipient of a BitWarden Send, best of both worlds - IMHO.