Send login - select "Send" from a login entry to share a login with a third party

We agree it will be a great addition, but sending items vault > vault requires a great deal more work, and an encryption waltz if you will :slight_smile:

It would be nice if we could share bitwarden entries using bitwarden send from the entry itself,
So if I have the (insert streaming service here) entry open I can click a button that creates a “Send” with those credentials in, so I don’t have to manually copy-paste the data back and forth between the “Send” item and the password entry.

Couldn’t agree more. We have successfully replaced all our old disorganised methods of WhatsApp/ texts/ dictating over phone with bitwarden send, which is great, but more tedious than necessary. Pre-populating a send with username, password and URL would save lots of time and avoid possibility of mis-pasting (ie pasting the incorrect password from a previous, stale copy-password action)


I got in touch via email and Sugianto recommended me to come after this feature here.

I’ll paste the text within the email I’ve sent to the tech support asking for the feature.

Most of my relatives really don’t care about digital security. Not at all. I tried to convince them many times, even wrote an article talking about it (endorsing Bitwarden and 2FA as well, you can see it here: Gerenciadores de Senhas - o que são e como podem me salvar de situações caóticas – Telegraph (in Portuguese)), but they don’t really care at all.

I was thinking of an “easy” (yet unsafe) way to share logins/credentials that I keep in my vault for the lay people that is.

I know your goal is to aim to enable security for everyone, but these people are die hard on their choices.

I was thinking of having a built-in feature to share as plain text.


Go to login > view > click the context menu > share as plain text > open the share picker or copy the content to the clipboard.

That would be more or less in this format:

Login: [login/credential name/label, e.g. “ - John Doe”]
Username: [login/username, e.g. “[email protected]”]
Password: [password text, e.g. “somethingstr0nggoeshere.”]
Notes: [additional notes with line breaks]

I think that’s more than enough to take care of that kind of job.

What do you say? Is that planned? I know that’s indeed not a good idea to be done, but it would take care of the job to share with “jumpy” people.

That’s it. I hope this can be a good thing for a future update and feature.

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Why cant we just click a button and export a record (login/pass) straight to Send?
Send was build to share passwords, why is it not integrated to make it easier?
Why do we have to copy each pass, login etc, manually.


exporting to something like this:


I wouldn’t say that - sure, you can use it to share passwords. You can use it to securely send text and files. I use it mainly for secure file sharing. That said, it’s a good idea for those that need to share credentials.

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+1 for this feature request.

The client often asks for account loggins.
I have to copy-past to notepad, then copy-past to send.
As the Firefox widget collapses when I switch the application, I rage and search again for the entry. ^^’
(Lately, I sending passwords directly by email, as it is less painful. This is a bad behaviour.)

I have to admit, as I use Send exclusively to share passwords, it is surprising that it is not implemented yet.


Came here to suggest this, glad it’s already on the radar. Every time I want to log in to a personal account on my work laptop, I wish for this. I always end up typing in the long and random passwords, because it’s less of a hassle than to create a Send.

It would be great if the standard settings could be predefined in the preferences, so it would be like „create Send from login“ → instantly the share menu opens (speaking of mobile). No typing of any kind should be necessary.

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+1 for this feature request.

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+1 from our side as well

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+1 Please, this would be very handy!

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+1 would use this feature almost daily as an MSP

+1 for this feature

Adding yet another +1 for this, having a 1-click option to auto-populate a Send with information from a login would make it much easier to get my non-technical family members using the feature instead of sending passwords insecurely over email or text.

I find myself needing this one every week or so. Would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll be happy to know that item sharing is on our 2022 Roadmap.

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Cheer! I can appreciate how much work it will be.

When I need to send login credentials in a business capacity, it would be so handy to have a ‘share via send’ choice in the list of choices when viewing an item. Quite often, the people I am sending the information to are not even aware of password managers. This would be an excellent way to get them the information they want and at the same time, subtly advertise BitWarden to them. Most people don’t respond to any form of direct advertising anymore - especially those who are security conscious. If they can look at BitWarden on their own time and at their own pace when being the recipient of a BitWarden Send, best of both worlds - IMHO.

Did this actually get implemented in 2022? As far as I can see it didn’t. I can also see something in the 2023 roadmap for “Vault Item Sharing” - but the thread in 🗓 Vault Item Sharing - #41 by cassvail is very long. Down the bottom it appears to make some references to it, but its a bit of a marathon thread to get to the context related to this concept.

I’d echo the sentiments from other users here. For the less-tech-savvy/lazier people who need to use a company password manager - the more clicks/copy-pastes involved in getting data from vault-to-shared - the more likely they are just going to copy-paste into a chat/sms instead. A quick share-this-entry feature is killer for getting these sorts of people to use it properly.

Thanks for following up, this one is in progress.