Send login - select "Send" from a login entry to share a login with a third party

Send Login

When viewing a login, add option that allows it to be sent to another party.
I have had to manually copy paste usr/pwd details so many times to other parties, it seems like many others would have this issue also.

It just sends the credentials via the SEND feature, and you can set the normal expiry etc. if needed.
It saves time copying and pasting the creds into an email.
Added benefit of having the encryption/expiry options of Send

Just to clarify the user is looking for a way to quickly use the SEND encryption to send an item detail without, copying and pasting various fields which is a PITA.

My suggestion to not clutter the interface is to put a CREATE SEND on the top of the edit item menu.

  1. open the item to edit.
  2. click CREATE SEND (icon)
  3. this will open the send item as a text, with the following items prefilled.
    Login Items:
    URI 1

Card Items:
Cardholder Name
Security Code

  1. End user can then edit info as appropriate.

Thanks for clarifying! That’s perfect

I was about to suggest exactly the same. This combination of the great new Send feature with the existing vault seems like a very obvious win. @tgreer Is this on your radar?

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