Send functionality?

Searched in the community but didn’t find the answer, apologies if I missed

If I understand correctly, all that send does is generate a link which you then paste and send externally, via email or other channel, to the recipient ? If that email is intercepted/left in “sent” etc then the link is accessible to anyone until it expires. I realise the link can be pw protected, but that pw still needs to be communicated to the end user.
I’d expected that bitwarden would have the facility to send the link directly to the end user, cutting out the extra steps and making it more secure.

Am I missing something ?!


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Hi Derek, Welcome to the Bitwarden community! You are not missing anything. This first version of Send is as you describe. In app messaging to other users is something to consider in the future. In the meantime you can find out more about how Bitwarden Send works here Bitwarden Send - How it works | Bitwarden Blog