Send a PDF files

i have a problem on a pdf file in my send.
When i want give a pdf file, every time is not possible to download the file or the display is broken on the web.
Have you got a solution ?

What seems to be going on when trying to download the PDF via the Send URL?

It may be related to some similar posts I found

Yes this is the same problem
It’s not possible to download the file, and it’s opening on a small windows on google chrome


Have you got a solution ?

Thanks for your patience everyone, the team is working on a fix for chrome and expected to be resolved in the July release. :+1:


When I try using Firefox on Linux, it opens in a popup window. I can then download the file from there.

It opens automatically in a new tab for me using Firefox 101.0.1 on MacOS. No issues here. Perhaps your browser settings are causing the new tab/page to be blocked from opening?

thanks so much for the solution.
now it’s good!