Self-hosted docker does not create mssql backups

hi there!

title says it all: for some reason the nightly backups are not being triggered. can anyone point me in a direction where to look? how do i manually run the mssql export, so that a backup will be created in mssql/backups? how is this supposed to be scheduled in the first place?

environment: bitwarden team running in docker in a synology. i did follow the self-hosted install guide except for one exception: the base directory is not in /opt but in /volume1. (/opt has been wiped once by a syno update-patch.)

thank you

Hopefully these below links will assist you in the backup of your self hosted data. I would also suggest if back ups are not running properly on their own you may attempt to make sure the install script has updated itself, and then use the script to reinstall Bitwarden docker containers

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@bbbbb if you’re running this on your NAS, it may be Vaultwarden (formerly bitwarden_rs) - if so you may have a different set of commands/troubleshooting steps.

i was installing using the installer skript from (, which is then downloading and setting up your environment. this used to work before (with version something like 1.41). but on a rebuild with a newer version it does not (version 1.43 or so). i know how to deal with those kind of issues, i was hoping someone knows in more detail the structure of the containers the way they are installed with the bitwarden-installer-script. it is a lot of containers. which container exactly is triggering the backup. which command line in which file is exactly running the backup command for the mssql-container. also how can i run that mssql manually. the manual only refers to “is being created nightly”.

ok, i c.

in mssql logs (bwdata/logs/mssql/errorlog) i found this:

Backup      Error: 3041, Severity: 16, State: 1.
Backup      BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE vault. Check the backup application log for detailed messages.

notice vault here is the name of the referenced database. gotcha.

when installing with the script asks you for the name of the database. the default is vault. this is what i accepted in the first setup.

the second time around, i set a different name: db_bitwarden.

if you set a name here, this is not reflected in the mssql container. i should better say it is not reflected in all the important places.

within the mssql container, there is a file, where the backup job is defined → /backup-db.sql.

in the container i did not find an editor, so i copied the file to the host.
docker cp bitwarden-mssql:/backup-db.sql .

now change the db name in there from vault to your respective name
SET @DatabaseName = 'db_bitwarden'
SET @DatabaseNameSafe = 'db_bitwarden'

and then copy back the file into the container
docker cp backup-db.sql bitwarden-mssql:/backup-db.sql

now lets see what happens tonight. i will update here.

@bbbbb we just recently introduced the ability to change the db name and have this captured as an improvement on our backlog. Your change should address the issue :+1:

hm, didnt work tonight.

@tgreer do you know how exactly the backup script is being triggered? how do i manually launch that piece of code? what exactly is the command? is it the skript in the container? not on site right now, just talking from what i recall.

As far as I am aware, yep - that’s the script. I think you may need to restart the containers using
./ restart

aha. obviously i didnt realize something recreated the backup-db.sql file in the container. probably a ./ update command or so. it was reset to backup the db with the default name vault.

@tgreer trey, do you know if there is an undocumented env variable which points to the db name? for now i will manually set the name and after that dont touch any updates never again. :wink: so far the documentation does not list anything like that.

manually running ./ in the container bitwarden-mssql does work and creates the backup in mssql/backups.

Ahh - that will definitely do it :slight_smile:

I’ll check and see if there are any env overrides you could use :+1:

after double, triple, quadruple checking of backup-db.sql for the correct db name, the scheduled backup has been created tonight.

if we now find an env-setting to tell the respective container which name to set as the db-name, i’d be close to IT nirvana.


According to in bitwarden-mssql container, it has the following lines:

# Replace database name in backup-db.sql
if [ ! -z "$DATABASE" ]
  sed -i -e "/@DatabaseName /s/vault/$DATABASE/" backup-db.sql
  sed -i -e "/@DatabaseNameSafe /s/vault/${DATABASE// /-}/" backup-db.sql

This means if we set $DATABASE in the file /opt/bitwarden/bwdata/env/mssql.override.env
and run rebuild followed by start, it will all work as expected.

@scidoner that works! thank you!