Self.hosted BW: how can i prevent foreign accounts/logins

Hi there,
i used this Howto and everything is fine except one thing:
How do i block the other humans on this planet potentially using my self.hosted bitwarden installation? :slight_smile:
I can modify the html-files, but then any update might overwrite my changes.
Maybe i missed something. A flag or configuration option?

Btw, thanks for this great peace of software!

You can disable user registration in the environment config file under ./bwdata/env

Thank you for the fast reply!


Even though i made changes directly below and above, i missed that line. :wink: Thanks. Problem solved.
Tomorrow i’ll buy a 1y subscription.

Is it possible to at in a nearby future update that the create account button will be disabled or hidden when globalSettings__disableUserRegistration=true is set.

It is a bit confusing at this moment, because one still see the create account button and form. the form can still be completed but when you try to submit only then you get the error warning that it is disabled.


Same concern here with @Bob. Hoping the “create account” can disappear once true is set to disable userRegistration flag.

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+1 for the ‘Create Account’ button to disappear and the url /register to not work.

That button and url is just way too inviting.

I might try hacking the source code myself…

Any word on this?

Come on, surely this is a 5 minute job!