Select/change preferred Two-Step login method after subscription expiration

Premium Nonrenew 2fa Renewal (sorry for the lack of a creative title)

Heyo, this is my first suggestion here, but I recently contacted support about what happens when premium runs out (though I do intend to continue renewing it) and was directed here. The following is a request to change how premium nonrenewal affects hardware 2fa (yubikey), and no, I’m not pleading for it to be a free feature.

I understand that hardware 2fa is a premium feature, and respect that that is one of the main ways bitwarden sustains itself. However, I do not think it is right to disable 2fa altogether if the subscription runs out. What I propose is after premium expires you still be required to use a yubikey to log in, BUT once logged in you get a popup before you can access your vault’s contents allowing you to choose to renew, disable 2fa altogether, or enable alternative 2fa methods instead. This would avoid a situation where upon forgetting to renew premium, 2fa remains in place, but still encourages people to stay subscribed if they want access to hardware 2fa. Furthermore, I think that as a part of this popup, and for the few months after premium runs out, one should have the option to export all media stored in their vault.

Best, Twilak.