"Select All" doesn't select all

I’ve exported a CSV from LastPass and imported into Bitwarden. But how do I see the number of records in Bitwarden, to ensure they all came over?

The CSV from LastPass had 3593 rows. When I run the new export from Bitwarden, there are 2725 rows. I assume this is because of the formatting difference of Notes, etc.

However, when I “Select All” (of a specific folder) to share them with my Organization, it says “You have selected 500 item(s)”. I find it hard to believe that the folder has exactly 500 items.

Is this a limitation of Bitwarden, that it can only select 500 items at a time, even though I chose “Select All”?

Edit: I just ran a COUNTIF on my BW export. The folder I’m trying to share has 2663 records. But only 500 are being shared. Why?

Edit 2: I’ve just discovered that yes, I can scroll through the entire list in the browser… yet when I choose the “Select All”, it only checks the first 500 boxes/items. This means I’m now required to select the remaining 2163 items manually (one-by-one)?! Unfortunately shift-click doesn’t work to select the top and bottom items (and thus select them all).

Can we please have the interface updated to either allow Shift-Clicking or to just allow the “Select All” to not be limited to 500?


Having the same problem. Has this really not been fixed yet!? :roll_eyes: