Security problem login on bank site

Is it possible for a web login page (window) from a bank to remove the password on my Bitwarden records? I have done this a no. of times - i.e. replaced the newly blanked Password field with the correct password, attempted to login in, and although the Bank site does not allow Bitwarden to fill the fields - i.e. username and password as it normally would - I have been up until today just opening the Bitwarden record for that bank, copy and pasting the two fields, and each time I did that, when I return to Bitwarden, the password is blank again.
My concern in this instance is that somehow there is an ability for the web page code to interfere with Bitwarden (where would this vulnerability end or what is possible by some smart coder?)
I use MX18.1 Linux and Firefox 65.0.1 (64-bit)

Once you have stored information in a bitwarden vault, no website can edit the data in that vault.

The only exception is an actual bitwarden vault website, which by design, has full access to everything once the master password is entered.