Secure Notes: markdown support?

As I am new to this forum, I wanted to first ask if markdown support for Secure Notes had already been discussed by anyone? I have a pack of ideas around that, but don’t want to spam the forum if that idea had been discussed and rejected before.


I second this, I think that markdown support in secure notes is the next step forward to making it more useful as a secure note-taking platform. Not all data fits perfectly into the login card or id key/value paradigm.


if no markdown, it should at least be monospaced…

If this feature will be implemented, please keep in mind that hyperlinks might be automatically accessed by Windows and NTLM authentication be performed, even if the user did not click on the link. This can potentially allow attackers to steal a user’s password. The problem was also discovered as security flaw in Zoom earlier this year:

Couldn’t the markdown implementation exclude links then?


Or exclude “UNC path”. Http(s) links is enough. Event without links is enougth.

I am a new user to Bitwarden, coming from 1Password.

In a few days of using BW, it is simply a joy to use. Excellent webversion and Chrome extension :ok_hand:. High quality… and that even for free.

Here’s my support for Markdown support in Bitwarden.

An example:

I have a single secured note in Evernote where I list an overview of passwords and all kinds of settings concerning my hosted website. It’s a list that I can share easily with technical support departments if my site needs fixing or something.

It’s quite a comprehensive list, so I use Evernote’s markup styling on all these entries in that list. It makes it much easier to read and use that way (stating the obvious).

Now, since becoming a new BW user, I wanted to place this overview in a secure note in BW. But… it really becomes quite hard to read. BW does not support any kind of markup/markdown styling at all in their secure notes - or the notes inside a login-entry or any other category for that matter. It is just only plaintext.

I don’t know if this is done, for security reasons or that the vault can be exported more easily to other platforms (just a thought… I am not a technical person), but whatever the reasons for not having it, it would come in very handy if we do have it at hand, as well in secure notes as the notes present in a login-entry and any other category.

If there would be Markdown support in those cases, I can also leave Evernote (as I did with 1Password) for managing any form of secure information.

(Note: 1Password for example does support Markup styling inside their notes. Well… strangely enough you can enter Markup in notes in their webversion, but then the webversion subsequently does not display the Markup, but when you then go to their iOS apps… the Markup is visible there. Talk about consistency… :upside_down_face:)

Thanks for considering this,


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Markdown support in the note field would be very nice. Otherwise can rapidly become hard to read.