Second login

Hello everyone,
some sites have ‘double login’ like You have to login and, after login, you have to enter the encryption key.

I am a business user of Bitwarden and i found very useful the 2FA code that automatic copy on the clipboard the code.

Is it possible to make something similar for the website that need two login? Now i insert my encrpytion key on the ‘note’ but (especially on smartphone) it isn’t too simple and fast to do.


EDIT: found the solution on the FAQ, thanks anyway. Moderator can delete the topic :slight_smile:

Was the solution you found to use a custom field? That was going to be my suggestion :grinning: I use it for a couple of sites that want me to enter a PIN as well as a password.

Yes exactly, it works like a charm on desktop. I can’t make it work on mobile. Can’t really understand why, it just ignore it and i have to copy and paste from note.
I see the code and the ID seems the same (website is just responsive).