Search within and inside all notes

If you use the proper syntax, substring searches work on all clients except mobile. See my post immediately preceding yours.

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My bad, my searches were not returning results because commas are considered part of the word to BW (kw1, kw2, kw3), which I think is counter-intuitive, but at least the wildcard does the job.

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Go to the notes field and type in a term, like “justatest”

In the search field, you can start typing that word, and everything up to “justates” returns “no results”

It’s not until you type the full word in its entirely that it shows up in the search results.

So, for another example, if “mileage” is your word, “mileag” does not show up in search results.

Love BitWarden, and thank you for the work you do.

Hi John - welcome. Currently, you can’t perform substring searches on the mobile apps, but if you are using any other Bitwarden client, you can perform substring searches on notes or note content. See my posts above for details on the substring search syntax.

  1. I’m not promoting Evernote. Would this survey be something like Evernote?
    So, something like:
  • search by:tag
  • search by:content
  • matches: "notes"

So, search within and inside all

  • notes: matches: “notes”
  • search by:content
  • search by:tag



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One can already search within notes, @anon15241427. Are you suggesting search by tags? If so, please add your support to this thread:

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Are you suggesting search by tags? If so, please add your support to this thread:


A doubt, where can I find the search syntax guide?

per example:

Does a bitwarden have a search code?

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Tagging items is not implemented yet, sorry - that’s why I suggested that you add your vote to the feature request to add tags and search by tags to Bitwarden! :slight_smile:

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Hello ! :slight_smile:

I am migrating from another application to Bitwarden.

I’m really frustrated by the fact that we can’t :

  • sort the results (by date would be logical, choosing would be the best).
  • the search field is also very bad and frustrating (if I type 2 keywords, I will get all results for each one of the keyword, that doesn’t make sense to any normal need of search). Even full-text-search can not accept request that match with 2 conditions …

It’s 2021, the competition is here, and I don’t understand why such a subject is not treated more quickly.

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Hello @Raffi - welcome!

You might be misinterpreting the search operation. The default search will perform an AND conditional search on your two terms first, returning those results, and then it will perform an OR conditional search and return those matches next.

You can also perform an AND only search on two terms using the syntax (except on BW mobile apps):

>+term1 +term2

More details can be found on the help page for searches here:

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First of all I’d like to apologize if I’m wrong! It’s only a few hours since I discovered bitwarden, and a little more humility wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

If search for :

>+eu.api +gmail

I get no result. Here is a simple test to illustrate.
I would be happy if it can be done !

For tonight, I decided to purge all old entries from my previous software, I will re-export all once cleaned from it. Function as ordering with “last use” is vert helpful in cleaning operation. Hope it will be provided in bitwarden in a near futur.

Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

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Hi Raffi - happy to help, if I can! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to do substring searches, you will also need to use wildcard characters. For example, if you want to find any entries beginning with eu.api, then type it like this +eu.api*. If you want to search on anything that ends in, then type it like this: +* And don’t forget to start the search expression with the > character!

Let us know if that does the trick for you!

All GOOD now ! thanks dude !

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Each word you type in should narrow the search, not be an “or” function and expand it to show more results with each word you type into the search bar. And yes it should search each field. Or you could have both search options available with a button or setting.

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Mark, all of this is currently possible. See my post above for details:


Yes I meant that without typing the special characters it should narrow the search with each word typed, not add more results. Or maybe let you set a pref as to how you’d prefer to search. I see that the results are now sorted AND first then the ORs. That helps too. I just like the simplicity of how one searches in Mac OS: the more words the more criteria have to be met to stay on the list.

I second this. A lot of my financial logins use “fake” domain names that do not include the name of the institution. So, I put that info in the notes field. But, if I search on “Acme Bank” it won’t find it, even though it’s in the notes field.

Hi @tk40yr - read the items posted in the thread above. You can definitely search within notes, but you may not be using the correct search syntax.

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Do you know if the search function is compatible with the new account switching function? It’s a pretty large change from what I know of how Bitwarden works, but if it is compatible, I’ve noticed some people who should know that.