Search for passwords (via Bitwarden Web/Chrome extension) not possible?


I am a totally new to Bitwarden. On first usage I like it very much, especially the webversion and the perfect Chrome extension (works just wonderful on for example the old Windows 7 PC of my parents). I should have switched to Bitwarden sooner!

A question: am I correct in noticing that it is not possible search for passwords via the [Search vault]-field? I have mentioned a specific password in 2 secure notes and Bitwarden finds them. However, it does not find the specific login where I put that same password as a … password :wink:

So, I have mentioned the same password in 3 locations, but BW only finds the 2 notes, not the actual 1 login. Is this because of security reasons?


Aha. Here it is: Searching the vault | Bitwarden Help & Support … where it says:

Indexed Fields

The following fields from items in your vault are indexed and are searchable:

  • shortid - First 8 characters of the item’s id.
  • organizationid - Id of the item’s organization (if it belongs to one).
  • name
  • subtitle - Login username, card brand + last four, and identity name.
  • notes
  • fields - Name and value. Only “text” type field values are included.
  • attachments - File name
  • login.username
  • login.uris - Only the URI’s hostname value.

So the password fielt is not searchable. Question answered. :+1:

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