Search custom fields using the Vault Management API

Hi all,

I am again struggling a bit with the Vault Management API.

I want to search all items for a specific value in either the notes field or a custom field (I can work with both).

The documentation says about the search parameter in /list/object/items

search - string - List all items that contain this search term.

When I search for a term in the notes, I get nothing. When I enter the username or the name of the item, the search finds it without problems.

Then I’ve read through this:

But when I use these specific search terms, I get an empty response.

So, for example, this does work and finds every entry with jsmith in the item name or username:

params = {
        "search": 'jsmith',

But this returns empty:

params = {
        "search": '>login.username:jsmith',

When I search for something in from the notes or any other custom field, it also returns an empty list. No matter if I use the search query (with or without asterisks)

params = {
        "search": '>notes:*628e424c8667ad46babb5fc241d95254*',

or just the string

params = {
        "search": '628e424c8667ad46babb5fc241d95254',

Can someone help me how to search through the notes or custom fields?
The search works in the Windows client.

Thank you.