Screen usage on Vault 2.0 and Floating Bar

Generally like the visual improvements in Vault 2.0 but can’t help feeling there is a lot of wasted space on the right hand side under organisations while the left hand side (at least on my usage) is pretty long. I was also thinking about this in conjunction with another users request that the bar on the left hand side should remain fixed as you scroll down so that it is always available when you are dealing with long lists of passwords.

To better use the screen space available, would it be an improvement to move the Folders list to the right hand side above Organisations? I realise that it is strictly speaking a ‘Filter’ and that is why it appears in that section but it would make better use of the screen space available.

This wouldn’t help much with the fixed left hand menu though. I tried to find the post that discussed this but was unsuccessful. You basically said that it wasn’t possible but I wondered if an alternative would be to have a floating menu bar at the bottom of the screen. I presume the bar is some sort of overlay that stays fixed to the bottom of the browser window as you scroll the contents of the main window up and down. This was recently implemented in another piece of software I use that has the same issue in regards to the menus at the side not staying visible when you scroll down. I prepared a screenshot to show what I mean but there isn’t a way of adding attachments to our posts.