with Safari no longer works

I recently upgraded my BitWarden extension (Version: 1.49.0). Now when I use it on the main page (, when I fill the user/ password, I see the username and password boxes get filled, then I am redirected to a schwab page that says it doesn’t exist. This does not happen if I use Chrome, or if I manually copy the password from the BitWarden extension. It only happens if I select to fill the username and password function. It also does not happen if I go to the explicit login page (I’m a new user so it won’t let me post that link…).

I’m fairly new to BitWarden, so not sure how else to troubleshoot, but since it works on a different page for the same site, and it works on the main page in Chrome, I’m not sure what I can do. Thanks!

As a new user it wouldn’t let me post more links, which is fairly annoying. Here is the page I get redirected to:

and here is the explicit login that does work: