Schedule Send

Schedule Send

While in the Bitwarden Vault, we can use the Send feature to send texts or files. We have the option for the text or file to be inaccessible after a set time and also deleted after a set time. Providing a scheduled Send feature would we be a welcomed addition. This scheduling feature would be similar to that of a scheduled email and message via an app, such as Signal.

I’m sure there are numerous benefits and ways this feature could be used. I’m thinking of it from the standpoint of a Final Will, Trust Fund, or Right of Custody. One could schedule the release of a Send text or file to a trusted family member, friend, or attorney that would provide post death instructions, should they pass away.

It’d be similar to the OnePass feature of requesting access to passwords, in the event of a death. Access of the passwords can be denied anytime while the account holder remains alive and similarly, the scheduled Send could be updated, should the Bitwarden user still be alive.

Including the option to schedule a Send would be a useful feature. Thanks!

@William Welcome to the forum!

In case you are not aware of it, I would just like to point out the availability of the Emergency Access feature, which is designed to facilitate account access (or take-over) by a trusted individual in case the account owner is incapacitated (or if emergency access is needed for any other reason).

@grb I didn’t know about the Emergency Access feature, nice! Thanks for taking the time to share. Very much appreciated!

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