Scan separate fingerprints for unlocking the vault

To be able to use the fingerprint to unlock the vault is really a great feature! However, it looks like Bitwarden is using the fingerprints that were saved by the OS already at an earlier point. It does not ask for scanning the fingerprint itself again. To me this actually is a security problem since other than just my fingerprints could be saved on the system, e.g. when using a shared iPad (like in my case). Would it be possible for Bitwarden to scan its own fingerprint so that my account can only be unlocked with my fingerprint? By this separate Bitwarden accounts from different users could be associated with different fingerprints on a single iPad .

That would be great!

This would also solve the problem someone in this forum described that Bitwarden is not detecting changed fingerprints on the system. It just uses the newly saved fingerprint, which should actually not happen without asking for the masterpassword again.

AFAIK, Bitwarden currently uses the OS built-in fingerprint framework/support.

Adding a feature to recognize your very own fingerprint in order to unlock your own vault, would be very troublesome and hard to implement, as a lot of coding would need to have be re-written.

I think it would be marvelous and very convenient to link your vault to your fingerprint for the ease of use, but I’m sure that many users would complain about security flaws here. Mostly because the TouchID (on iOS) and fingerprint support (on Android) on either cases are to be very error-prone for some scenarios.

I’ve read about TouchID tech yesterday and it seems to be (a bit) safer method rather than the current Android fingerprint framework. However, in matters of security, chances are that it could be hacked, by many ways.

So in resume: yes, it’s convenient. But it leaves a bunch of security breaches behind.

Edit: Also, as a bottom line, recognizing biometrics from each user for each vault would need an extra job to make both accounts accessible. Kyle’s already told about quick account swapping, but it’s most likely to be not done so soon. It had been discussed here in the community before. Feel free to search it along as it goes.

Yeah, I assumed already that this wouldn’t be easy and probably too dangerous. Thought I give it a try though. Thanks for the clarification!

The main reason for asking for that feature was not to be able to quickly swap accounts, but that I dont want other users to be able to unlock my vault. But I guess I just can’t use the fingerprint option on our iPad then.