Savings Fields on ""

There is a form I have to fill out, on ‘’ on a regular bases. Fields include my name, my work ID number, etc. I know how to create a custom fill for each of the fields on the form, but, when I right-click and “Inspect”, there is no “id”, “name”, or “label”. And the “aria-label” and “placeholder” attributes are the same for all the fields, so I can’t use them.

Is there any way to get BitWarden to save the input on this type of form?

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I just created this simple form:

I found the aria-labels and they had different names:

But after every reload they got new names:

For now I am out of ideas regarding Bitwarden. But how about Autohotkey ?

Unfortunately, the “aria-label” is the same for three of the fields in the form I’m dealing with, so, I can’t use that to identify the fields. I think I’m going to have to find a different solution for the one form.

As mentioned, take a look at Autohotkey.

Will do. Thanks.

It’s a bit of a pain to learn how to create a script, but once I figured it out, AutoHotKey works! Thanks!!!