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I know there is a setting to “Ask To Add Login”, but so far in my limited experience, Bitwarden has not asked me once if it wanted to add a login. AAMOF, when I went to signup for this forum, I had to do it manually. I am coming from Roboform, and it has a button called “Save Forms…”. When you select the save forms button, it will work on any fields that you provide text in. So, in Roboform, if I am not asked to save a UID and PW, I just hit the “Save Forms…” button and saves it. Does BW have anything like that?

Roboform also has a button called “Fill Forms…” for whenever it does not recognize fields to be filled automatically. From what I can tell, Bitwarden only fills “forms” when it detects a form to fill. You can sort of force it by selecting an entry from “Logins”. But, I see no way to fill forms that BW does not automatically see.

EDIT: I do realize that Bitwarden fills forms when selecting identities and cards.

For web forms whose URI/URL is not matched to any entry in the vault, you can still autofill by opening a vault item, and then clicking the “Autofill” button towards the bottom of the extension pop-up. You can think of this as a forced autofill.

If you instead click the “Autofill and Save” button, the forced autofill will be done, but the current URL will also be saved as part of the vault entry, so that the form will be recognized by Bitwarden the next time that you visit.

Thanks for the tips, @grb! I just tried it on two sites and it did not help. It is really not a big deal at all, I just thought I’d mention that the same sites I have trouble with bitwarden auto-filling still exhibit the same issues: and When I select auto-fill it does fill and says it is saved. Again, just feedback.

EDIT: Where I imported my UID/PWs from Roboform, I thought I’d test starting fresh and the first one I tried was Woot. I deleted the login and re-created it. It is now saving my UID/PW. So, I will try that for any problem logins I have. Thanks again @grb.

You’re welcome. By the way, are you still using Roboform? If Roboform and Bitwarden extensions are running simultaneously, it is possible that they can interfere with each other. If this is the case, try disabling or uninstalling Roboform to see if the auto-fill problems improve.

FYI, I have tested those two sites on my Chrome browser extension (for Windows), and I have no problem auto-filling them. On, I use a linked custom field named ap_email (linked to the Username field), and while the same custom field name should also work for, I found that I did not need the custom field to autofill the username on that site.

Thanks! That worked. I tried to find the element on the page, following Help:Custom Fields, but I could not. I did find it in the Source, where the Help says to select Inspect. Do you use the Source to find the field? Anyway, this is all over my head. I appreciate your assistance!

I have been keeping Roboform logged off, but I can see what you say may be a conflict, because Roboform will occasionally prompt to logon. So far, I’m having pretty stable results with Bitwarden, but I will keep that in mind. I would kind of like to have Roboform available as a security blanket until I feel I can trust Bitwarden.

Yes, I usually use the “Inspect” option, as the right-click function to copy the custom field name does not always work.

What browser do you use? In Chrome, you have the option to turn extensions on or off without fully uninstalling them. Alternatively, some browsers let you define profiles for different users — perhaps you can use this feature to set up one profile that does not have the Roboform extension; Chrome will also disable all browser extensions by default in Incognito (Private) mode, then you can individually enable the Bitwarden extension to run in Incognito mode. My point is, if you set up a browser profile or an incognito mode configuration so that Bitwarden is running but not Roboform, you will have a way of testing how Bitwarden works when there is no interference from other password managers. With one of these approaches, you will not have to abandon Robofrom completely, but you will have a Roboform-free environment available to see if any problems you encounter are fixed if you use the browser profile (or incognito mode) that doesn’t have Roboform.

Opera, so yes, I could turn off the Roboform extension. Thanks again!

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Danke für die Unterstützung hier im Forum.

Trotzdem muss ich zugeben dass ein Passwort-Manager ohne benutzerdefinierte Felder auskommen sollte. Wenn es nur ein oder zwei Logins wären, dann okay. Bei mir sind es aber sehr viele, weshalb für mich der Sinn von Bitwarden nicht zu erkennen ist.

Ok, I’ve been fooling around a little bit more with these options and I think I understand better how it works. I did not realize that right clicking on the field and selecting Bitwarden> “Copy Custom Field Name” would give you the field id. And if that does not show, right click on the field and select “Inspect Element.” I was right clicking on the full page and trying to search the contents. Now that I’ve figured out how to do it, I have gotten Bitwarden to fill a form the way I want, it to, Yeah!

I’m having trouble figuring out Tracfone. It is a two page log in. I have gotten the email address to auto fill on the first page (accountdetails), but I can’t seem to get the password (createpwd) to autofill on the second page, but I’m still at it. Do you have any tips?

Two things to check:

  1. Check if the URL is still matching when you get to the second page. If the Bitwarden badge counter does not show a numerical value of 1 or greater, then this is the reason why the autofill doesn’t work. To fix it, you would add a second URL for the password page (or tweak the match detection rules so that a single URL matches both pages).

  2. Use the “Inspect” option and look for the properties id, name, aria-label, or placeholder. Evidently, one of those is present, and has the value createpwd. However, if any of the other properties are present, too, try using those for the custom field name.

[quote=“grb, post:12, topic:46373”]
Two things to check:
[/quote]The URL is matching on both pages. Both pages show a counter of 1, and I tried entering the password as a text field which did not work. But, I can right click and select the item and it fills. It’s just not automatic. I will keep playing with it later on this afternoon.
Here is what I am looking at:

Some input forms are coded in a way that makes them not play nice with password managers. The screenshot of the HTML code was cropped, so hard to tell what is going on in your case.

I tried to get the full element if you could take a look, that would be great.

Well, even if there are one or two logons here and there that won’t auto-fill, it is an easy fix for almost any login or form filling situation I need, now that you have pointed me in the right direction. So, I appreciate your assistance greatly. I almost gave up prematurely. :smiley:

EDIT: AAMOF, I just added a UID/PW for a site that I could not get to work with Roboform…