Saving of new item hangs bit warden


I am a newbie and can’t find an answer to my issue.

I use chrome on a Huawei android

I enter details for a new login and choose save. The message “Saving” shows on the screen but hangs bit warden. I need to close bw down. When I log back into bw the new item is not saved.

Can any one help me



I would take a look at the permissions for “Files and media”.

Thanks Peter

Where do I find Files and media?


On my Android 11 phone it can be found here:
Settings → Apps → Manage Apps → Bitwarden → App permissions

On the other hand:
I noticed that mine is and was set to Denied but Bitwarden still works as expected.
So, have you tried uninstalling Bitwarden, rebooting, re-installing Bitwarden ?