Saving new sites issue

What are you doing instead?

But that is the whole point why you should use a password manager:
Get away from self-made pseudo-random passwords or using always the same or just slightly changed passwords or things like my secret rule. Instead use long, complicated, unique and randomly generated passwords no-one is going to remember; and no-one needs to.


@ Freyja. Though I agree 100 % with Peter_H, you can choose your password, set it, and save it with any Bitworden user interface. You are not forced to use the password generation of Bitwarden.

I have both bitwarden and lastpass extensions installed but neither asked to save the username or passwords when creating this account on this forum. I guess adding the account to the extension first is the way to go?

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I see much “you’re doing it wrong” there and I’m not surprised. When something is not working people always tend to explain that’s the user which is doing it wrong forgetting that there are other use cases than their own.

Firstly, you’re right telling that generated passwords are generally better.
However, I can already tell that the generator is not that good. I’m using 4 words of 5 characters separated by space and the entropy is much better.

Then, not all authentication are web based, we have ldap and AD based authentication and the rules are completely different, so I need a password I can remember to login on non web environment but also store them in bitwarden when the website I’m connecting is using this kind of authentication in the background. So yes I need Bitwarden to be able to catch when a password change and if it’s not working, it’s a bug not a feature.

The password generator can generate passphrases for you, much like the one you described.


Hum did miss where we can put space but nethertheless, for AD or LDAP, I’m changing my password by not using a web interface, so I need Bitwarden to be able to catch the change when I’m using these new password when I’m connecting to a website that rely on AD or LDAP authentication mechanism.

EDIT: ok found where I can generate pass-phrase. But still, I need to be able to remember it and easily write it because BitWarden won’t autofill my Windows login box (because the main objective of a good passphrase is to be able to remember it)

How are you remembering your passphrase(s) currently? They need to be genuinely random, so the ones generated by Bitwarden - or any other decent password generator - should be suitable.


That’s not the concern, IT does detect the change when I use it, point.
That’s incredible to put the issue on the user while it’s a bug f the product.
It should be working fine, at least other products are able to catch it so why not BitWarden?

@Freyja, I’m a Bitwarden user, just like you. I’m not affiliated with Bitwarden in an official capacity. I’ve tried helping with some of your queries, as have a few other people on here. If there is a bug, then I’m sure Bitwarden will address it.


The same here. You can recognize Bitwarden employees by the Bitwarden logo next to their login-name.
Everyone else in here is just a user and we are only trying to help other users to solve their issues and to answer their questions. Perhaps you would like to contact the Bitwarden support team directly at


My remarks under a specific thread has been moved into this thread by BitWarden.

I just stated that Bitwarden is not working as attended with the change/creation of password and everyone jumped in stating I’m doing it wrong.

No bad feelings, but this is going nowhere if Bitwarden doesn’t agree there is a problem with their product.

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We’re not saying you’re wrong we’re saying Bitwarden works differently than other password managers.


Why implementing password creation/change detection if it works differently?

And by the way, I’m not alone on this subject.
Looks like it’s even a quite old subject


To appease the people that want it. They have stated they’re trying to make it better, just got to give them time.

The reason why so many of us like the current method of adding the password to the extension first is that we’ve used many other password managers, like LastPass, and found they’re not perfect either.

In fact, when Bitwarden makes it better it won’t be perfect either. It will never be perfect. It’s a hard problem to solve as every website is different - it’s not possible to code every possibility.

But what does work every time is adding the password to the extension first.


Unfortunately there is no chance of making it perfect for everyone, but it will keep getting better (most of the times).


Solved the issue. I changed a setting in “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:” to “On click” and then after I switched back to “On all sites” it could connect and sync data.

I felt comfortable to restrict extension to reading current website data only than giving it unrestricted access to all websites.

I completely agree with @TechnicGeek, it is quite annoying to be forced to change the privacy settings of the extension from “On click” to “On all sites” (and to login again) every time you need to save a new password.

Moreover, if the “Site access” is set to “On click” and you enable it on a tab where you are registering a new account, the extension does not automatically offer to save the information you entered (as it should do) even if it has all the permissions to do it. This is also quite annoying (because you need to manually add them).

Probably we should open a new thread about this issue with the “On click” setting.

I have same issue on both browser(internet explorer and google chrome).
I am also try it after restart but can’t able to solve it!