Save user id and password in Safari

I have seen some old posts on this but wonder if anything has been done to save a user id and password in Safari without creating an entry first.

Hey @mikeindc, are you referring to updating an existing credential? Or just trying to trigger the banner at the top that offers to save credentials? It is always helpful to disable native brower’s capability to manage credential, but let me know if you’re looking for something else: Disable a Browser's Built-in Password Manager | Bitwarden Help & Support

Tried to create new and had to manually add each field. Tried to update the existing password and it kept bouncing back to the original. I like the interface but just feel that it is just not a real password manager.

Hey @mikeindc, can you provide additional detail on what you mean by ‘it kept bouncing back to the original’? Are you leaving the extension window without saving?

Hey @mikeindc - try creating your passwords like this in Bitwarden. It is actually faster than filling out a web form manually and then having the extension save it automatically because you don’t have to type in or copy-paste a password/confirmation: