Save send password in vault

Save send password in vault

Before anything thank you for your amazing work on Bitwarden ! It’s constantly evolving in a great way and i can’t wait to see what you will bring for the next updates.

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I started recently to use sends and noticed that the password option isn’t well integrated with the vault. When creating a new send and adding it a password protection, there could be an option to automatically create an item in the vault to save this password as it’s not visible afterward.


There could be a send type of objects in the vault along with notes and passwords to fully integrate the send feature within the vault.

I don’t understand why there’s no password generator and no way to save the password and see it. How is the user supposed to know and share the password to access the Send? Create a PW item and manage it in BW? I don’t get it…

Any word on this? It is a large pain to use Sends and it could be so much easier and more useful with… you know… PASSWORD MANAGEMENT.

Hey @AnonYmouse I can definitely understand how having access to the generator could be useful when creating a send. I’ll bring it up with the team.

You’ll also be happy to know that item sharing is on the 2022 roadmap, allowing users to share vault credentials with other Bitwarden users, rather than using a separate send.

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