Save position on Firefox add-on and context menu adding password features


I would like to suggest that when add-on opened for editing password or generating a password.

What happens now:

  1. Open the add-on window
  2. Go to generating a password
  3. Generate password by required security.
  4. Copy generated password.
  5. Go to password input and paste copied password.
  6. Website requires other combination so you need to re-generate a new password. (5 clicks more by following steps 1-5 again)
  7. Back to step 1-5. (5 mouse clicks)
  8. If all good, steps 1-5 passed. (1 mouse clicks[?] )
    You back to step 1 and do by again 2 steps with spent time for worthless job.

Total clicks:
~11 mouse clicks if required password doesn’t fits the requirement.

How can be improved:

  1. 1-5 steps…performed again but until user doesn’t change the webpage (means password performance is ok) so save the last position and save 50% of mouse clicks.
  2. Add to context menu more features, like password generator but with mirror actions to addon:
    When you press in context menu “Generate a password” it will save position in add-on window.

What I do is that I create a login entry for the website with a generated password (click on “Select” on the top-right so that the generated password is filled into the login item in BW), save and then Ctrl+Shift+L to auto fill on the website.

That shortens your 1-5 steps + you only need to regenerate a password for the item if it fails.

Most of times now I used this shortcut keys, I found it a bit problematic with few small issues, for example:

  1. If some website have few different login credentials, no option to choose it with shortcut keys.
  2. No default login credentials could be set for login inputs. (partly regarding #1)
  3. credentials for software account logins difficulties with shortcut keys

There’s more issues around but I mantioned what has bothers me most :slight_smile:

For me, the gist of this request, and the one I’d really like to see, is:

  • Please add a “Generate password” option to the context menu in the Firefox plugin, analogous to what the Chrome plugin offers.
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