Save password while vault is blocked

Hi everyone, this is my first topic here.

I have noticed that Bitwarden is asking to save my password while my vault es blocked, this is normal?
This happen with Firefox and Chrome.


Hi @lks, welcome!

It’s normal, it’s actually a new feature from the most recent release.

The browser will now both prompt you to save while locked, as well as prompt you to unlock when autofilling :metal:


Hi folks! I just noticed this today and I find it really annoying. I don’t want distractions from BitWarden unless I’m actively using it - i.e. with the vault unlocked. I couldn’t find a way to disable this :frowning:


@Albert: Just to clarify. You logged in into a site which you had no entry in your vault for and did not want to save it? If that is the case you could also select Never. Which will remember, that you do not want to get prompted anytime you log in to that site.

Right. I’ve been thinking it through, seeing how long awaited this feature was, and realized that my workflow was kind of wonky to start with, and indeed I can just click never for the sites I don’t want BitWarden to prompt me about. Thanks!

On a related note, is there a way to make the BitWarden prompt a floating popup (same as the one Firefox shows you) instead of a layout changing inline header? I feel like that would feel less intrusive and is probably my main issue with this new behavior in the first place.


@Albert Glad that to hear the Never options works for you.

Currently there are no plans to change the way the notification is displayed. This mostly has to do with the limitations browser extensions have to work with/around. I’m looking into some other improvements in regards to saving vault entries from the save prompt and this might enable a different flow/display.

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I see. Thanks! Hope you find some workaround.

If you need inspiration, I know Honey does this really well in their Firefox extension when they have some offers for you related to the current site. Sorry if this is unsolicited promotion of another product, that is not my intent.


I’ve also noticed this new feature and it is bugging me in my current workflow because I’ve disabled the Add Login Prompt in Bitwarden extension settings (in Chrome) but this setting is not respected anymore if my vault is locked.

Basically, I’m using 2 password managers in my work computer and Bitwarden is my personal password manager. I only want to unlock the vault if I ever need some personal passwords but normally I’m not using it, don’t want it unlocked, and don’t want any prompt appearing.

Is there a way to achieve this?



Hi all! I have the same problem and the most annoying is that Bitwarden prompts to save password even if there’s already an entry in my vault.


Same here, it’s so annoying I signed up to this forum to complain about it

Please make this an option that we can disable.


I find this “feature” extremely annoying.
I would really like an option to toggle this, for me if locked please don’t ask. If unlocked yes please ask me to save.

I don’t unlock my Bitwarden unless I need to log on to something more secure. Some random local UI login for example I don’t need Bitwarden. so I keep it unlocked and just use my memory instead.


I, too, signed up to complain about this “feature” - it offers on sites I’ve already saved passwords for when the vault is locked. I don’t unlock the vault unless I’m using it (I use Bitwarden for personal, and another password manager for work) and the notification often blocks important links at the top of websites which forces me to click through to get to them, slowing down my workflow - I’m sure some of you will say “it’s only a single click” - a single click on EVERY website I access is quite a lot.

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I totally agree with you! This issue is REALLY annoying. I am a paying customer, but I’m thinking about stop using BW when nothing is done about it.

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So, nothing? You’re just leaving it as “we’re not planning on changing this”? No settings for turning that function off? It’s a KILLER for me because during work, if my BW extension is locked, I get the notification on EVERY site, if I open it, then I get it for every site that I use corporately. I’m a premium user and I’m seriously considering taking my business elsewhere because, as I’ve said in a previous reply, it may not seem like a big deal to some for a few clicks here and there, but I visit a lot of sites during my work processes, not to mention that it COVERS the first however-many pixels of the website you’re on, limiting my access to important menu items unless I first close the notification.


I’ve actually just looked at the roadmap for 2022, and with account switching, I may be able to convince my management team to set up a Teams organization, thus removing the need for me to have a secondary password manager, and stick straight to Bitwarden AND avoid this annoying an inefficient notification.

Using Firefox BW extension as well. I’ve selected ‘never’ a dozen times for the same site(s). Does not stick though, really annoying. Would not have any problem with this prompt when it would really remember my choice. Now it is just a big pain in the ass. I’m forced to log in at the extension to prevent this prompt to show up.

As you state it should be remembered (as would be expected), could this then be something in Firefox itself?