Save new logins and password

Automatically save new websites with login and password? Is this not a feature? I can’t get it to work?
Tried on a windows laptop and an iPhone

It should work if you are logged into your BitWarden account in the browser extension. I’m using Chrome and have it prompt when it’s a new website. Maybe it was disabled by mistake? It should be enabled by default.

Click on BitWarden icon in your browser and go to Settings. Click on Options and make sure that “Disable Add Login Notification” is unchecked.

Thanks you are right, I installed the browser add on for fire fox on my Windows PC and then it does offer me to save the new login with the password.

However it doesn’t work on my iPhone with Safari

So what do you do if both “disable Add Login Notification” and “Disable Changed Password Notification” are UNCHECKED and you don’t get prompted when creating a new login (like I just did to create this account to post this) or changing an old password?

What operating system and browser are you using this on? I have confirmed that this still works on Google Chrome running Windows 10.

I have the exact problem as well. Just converted from Lastpass and upgraded to the Premium Membership. This is only one of several issues I have had since converting.

Doesn’t react to my password changes on Firefox with Win7. See’s new logins ok. Both checkboxes are empty. Chrome appeared ok but it usually adds a new entry rather than update the existing one. At times it didn’t ask to update until I went to log in at the site with the new login info. EDIT: Now it’s working in Firefox! VERY INCONSISTENT! How am I supposed to trust this code when it seems so flaky?

Win10 Ent, 1909, current on updates, Modern Edge for the browser.