Safari Search Issue

Happy Bitwarden user on Mac OS 10.13.6 and iOS.
Have discovered an odd / intermittent search bug in Safari, both in Bitwarden web vault and Safari Extension. All of my tests are one-word searches so its not a LUNR search issue.

Search always starts out fine, but usually if I browse a Collection, then go back to All Items, the search function stops working. Either doesn’t find any records, or doesn’t narrow down the list at all. Testing with simple words that are contained in the Title of the record.

Mac OS X bit warden App works flawlessly in this regard.
Brave Browser works fine, both web vault and Chrome extension.

That may be part of the issue, that Apple is slow to approve Safari Extension update (mine is still 1.37.0). Doesn’t really explain why web vault suffers from same symptoms (the wrong search results are always the same) - seems like it would be a simple request to the database via https… its odd that it would break in the same way.

Posting here to see if anyone else has seen search hiccups in Safari.