Safari pages not loading with always allow Bitwarden access

I started seeing a strange new issue this week on my MacBook running Monterey. Safari pages won’t load unless I change bitwarden away from allow all. If Bitwarden is set to ‘always allow on every website’ and get a big yellow ! in safari plugin settings and pages won’t load let until I Ichange Bitwarden back to always ask. This is new behavior, both safari and Bitwarden had worked together fine before. I don’t see this issue with Firefox or chrome.
Anyone else seeing this? I do some times load work pages that leverage Duo but this is effecting all page loads.

I am not on Monterey (still on Mojave to support some old 32-bit apps needed for work), so I am stuck running Safari 14. But I am not seeing this behaviour.

I do see the big yellow exclamation mark beside my extension when set to allow all websites, but that has always been there - it is just a system warning to draw attention to the fact that your extension has not been limited.

Have you tried uninstalling Bitwarden, rebooting your machine, and then reinstalling again? Sometimes the cache or web extension profiles get corrupted and that fixes things. Very odd problem - hope you get it sorted out without too much fuss.

Yeah did the remove, reboot dance. The issue keeps coming back.

Darn - sorry to hear that. I would contact Bitwarden’s CS Team then - this is not expected behaviour: