Safari extension produces garbage on iMac display

When I try to use Bitwarden Safari extension The popup from Bitwarden is all garbage, meaning the data is written on top of my initial Bitwarden selection. I do not have the same issue when using Firefox extension.

Do you happen to run macOS beta? I have been seeing this issue lately too, but I run the beta of macOS and presume it’s due to the latest beta update as I noticed it after updating macOS. I presume it’ll be resolved in a future update by either Apple or Bitwarden depending on where the root cause is.

My Safari version is 12.1, and my macOS version is 10.14.4 Beta (18E205e).

Yes I am running beta. I let the support guys know this also. I found out if I block Facebook at my firewall then Bitwarden works as normal. Strange huh? I also let the support guys know that.
Thanks for your reply.