Safari extension not persisting login

Hi - I’m on OS-X 13.4, Safari 16.5 and Safari extension 2023.4.0.

I’ve noticed that after some amount of time, the extension will start prompting for me to login (I used Touch-ID) each time I activate the extension, even though I have the lock time set to 15 minutes. The extension still works, but the re-auth is annoying (especially when manually copy/pasting into a page). It also feels like it’s probably doing a sync on each unlock as it takes about 5-10 seconds before any items appear in the vault.

This can be resolved temporarily by either restarting safari or disabling and then re-enabling the extension.

edit: forgot another symptom - the extension will have a warning about “private browsing support” being a beta feature, even though I’m not in a private browsing session.

Is this a known issue?