Safari extension no data

Hi all,

I am having perisent problems with the browser extension on Safari 14. (It may be due to some corrupted data after a kernel panic). When I open the extension I get the following message:

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 4.58.35 pm

If I relaunch the browser, I get the message: “Logged out. Your login session has expired.”

Sometimes I can log in successfully, but then on next browser launch it asks me to log-in again. And it is back to “error: cannot decrypt.”

I have tried:

  • Log out of extension and log in again.
  • Empty browser cache & restart computer.
  • uninstall and reinstall bitwarden (with reboot in between).

Interestingly the extension works fine on both “Safari technology preview” & Firefox. The macOS desktop app also works fine.

So I think some data somewhere might be corrupted. Perhaps my 2FA token? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Edit: “Deauthorize all sessions” didn’t fix it… so I’m out of ideas!

Second edit: OK, I seem to have fixed it by deleting: “~/Library/Containers/ (####)/local.db”

Hope this helps someone else!