Safari Extension Crashes If I Click Premium Membership


I’m sure this rates very low down on the list of potential bugs but I thought I’d see if it was isolated to just me.

What happens is that when using Safari and the extension if I go to Settings → “* Premium membership” the extension freezes up and pegs the CPU at 100%. The only way I can fix it is to fully quit Safari and then it’s fine when I reopen it.

I’m using MacOS Ventura 13.0.1, Safari 16.1 and Bitwarden extension 2022.10.2

As I said, not exactly earth shatteringly important but is anyone else seeing this behaviour too? Always worth squashing bugs if it is one!


Hi @Marwood and welcome to the community forums :tada:

Thank you for your report and indeed this has previously been reported on Github with Safari Extension locks up when 'Premium Membership' is clicked · Issue #2267 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub.

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Ah, great thanks!

I did do a quick search but couldn’t find anything, obviously my search skill need improving :joy: