Safari Browser Extension Lock Issue

As per the the page for browser extension shortcuts, I noted that BitWarden has CMD-Shift-N as the shortcut for locking the Safari BitWarden extension. This is a conflict with SAFARI’s default shortcut using the SAME combination for opening a Private browsing window, so I changed Safari’s shortcut to CTRL-Shift-N, leaving CMD-SHIFT-N open for BitWarden. However, the extension is still not locking using CMD-SHIFT-N. Instead, NOTHING happens. I tried restarting Safari and restarting the Mac. Any ideas? NOTE: I’m using Big Sur (don’t judge…waiting on the next round of M2’s :joy:) and Safari 16.2. I’m new to BW and testing it out, so maybe it’s me??? Any ideas?

Following up. I’m seeing the same issue with Chrome on Mac. Since I’m new to BW, I don’t want to report it as a bug just yet.

This topic is outside my wheelhouse, but maybe check if there are any other conflicts?


Also, in Chrome, you can go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts and define any key combination that you want for the Bitwarden extension. Could you try setting up something other than Cmd+Shift+N to lock the vault, at least temporarily to see if it can be made to work at all? I use Ctrl+Shift+X to lock the vault in the Chrome extension (on Windows 10), because Ctrl+Shift+N is used by Chrmoe to open a new Incognito window.

Yes, this is an issue on the Mac. I noted above that I had changed Safari’s default to avoid the conflict. I had done the same in Chrome for the reasons you’ve noted. It’s odd that BW builds in a conflicting shortcuts, especially with Chrome, considering its popularity.

Thanx, @grb!

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