Safari 14 Slowness w/Bitwarden

I upgraded from macOS Catalina to Big Sur, which of course brought Safari 14. When I have the Bitwarden extension enabled–and only then–do I experience slowness with opening new Safari windows. There is ~2-3 second delay for new windows to open, but not new tabs. When I disable the Bitwarden extension, the slowness disappears and new windows open instantly.

Has anyone else experienced this, or have a suggested resolution?

Bitwarden 1.24.5 and Extension 1.48.1.

I can replicate this issue on both an iMac and MacBook Air running the latest build of MacOS and the Safari Extension.

Turns out that this is a known issue, which apparently will be fixed with the conversion to WebExtensions API. It sounds as though a release is expected in early March.