Ring.com Autofill issue

Need some help with ring.com autofill username and password.
I have a senior family member that needs to view his camera. however just teaching him is a little bit hard. So I need the bitwarden manager to do a majority of the work.

I cannot seem to get the ring.com username and password to autofill. 1password, lastpass works.
Is there any solutions that can help.
Also, I am not sure if this is a feature, can TOTOP be also autofill.

Thank you

If you know how to configure custom fields*, try setting up a linked custom field named email, which is linked to the Username data.

TOTP cannot be autofilled, but the code is automatically copied to the clipboard when you autofill the username/password. Thus, all you have to do is paste the clipboard contents into the TOTP field.

*Edited to Add: If you are unfamiliar with custom fields, the procedure is as follows. Edit the vault login item, scroll down to “Custom Fields”, and follow these steps:


  1. Change the custom field type from “Text” to “Linked”.
  2. Click the + icon.
  3. Click where it says Name, and enter the desired custom field name (in your case, email).
  4. Change the linked data from “Password” to “Username”.

Now click the “Save” button, and test out whether the autofilling is successful.

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