Right-Click on a form field and select what identity information should be filled

When I select to fill a form field with an identity (that I stored in Bitwarden) then sometimes not all fields are filled.
A very comfortable way would be to right-click in a form field and select "Bitwarden -> Fill Identity -> " and here a sub-menu with all fields of the identity are shown.
So I can for example select “Bitwarden -> Fill Identity -> Street” and Bitwarden fills the street.

I wanted to change the email address at a website and it would be great if I could click in the field for the new email and just fill this single field.
Reason: if I fill the complete identity then some fields are filled with wrong data.

Adding data from an identity quickly would really help.
I had a support chat and the agent wants me to confirm my email address (type it in the chat window).
Pasting it with Bitwarden is not possible, so the suggestion of Ollie is really useful!